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    We've spent a great deal of time developing and improving the search bar on Concordia Market.  It searches across all the categories and content of Concordia Market.  The drop-down options provide a preview on the search context.

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    We are better together than we are as one solitary person.  The Partners list contains individuals and organizations that seek to strengthen your mission and be strengthened by your partnership.  If you are interested in being added to the Partners list, complete the application Here.  Note that you can use the top options to filter down the list.

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    The Market contains special projects, ministry resources, and other products and services.  Most of the resources are free. The primary focus of the Market is content to strengthen our faith, our ministry's health and mission focus. There is no charge to list products on the Market.  If you want to open a shop click here.

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    Do you have resources to share or sell, we can help.  Complete the form to sign-up for a shop.  There is never a charge to share or sell resources on Concordia Market.  Let us help you start your ministry.  We can handle the product listing and the challenges of e-commerce.  You don't need to be a computer genius to get started.  If you would like more information about opening a shop visit our FAQ page.  If you want to share resources but not open a shop, check out our shared resource service.

About Concordia Market

Concordia Market has been developed to strengthen our mission work by encouraging networking, collaboration, and community.  Concordia Market has been designed around the old Medieval market squares which provided a place for people to gather for conversation, collaboration, and commerce.  The strength of the town’s market square was in its diversity and its casual, multi-leveled networking. For help navigating the site, select the "?" icon above.

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