Adding A Listing To Concordia Market

Concordia Market expands your presence on the web.  A Concordia Market Listing tells the world about your organization or services.  The listings on Concordia Market are divided into three categories, the Market, Partnerships, and Service opportunities.  The Market is the distribution system for resources.  It is an online shop where resources can be sold or given away.  Each shop owner determines how their resources will appear in the shop.  Our technology supports digital and physical products for a fixed price, a bundled price, or name your price. The shop can also be the mechanism to receive donations.  The Partnerships listings are like super-charged google listings of individuals and organizations that support mission.  The Partnerships listings are the primary means through which we connect with each other.  Service opportunities are specialized listings of projects or project proposals that need volunteers or financial supporters.  The Service opportunity listings are opportunities for people to get engaged in actual mission work.  An organization or an individual may have listings in all three categories or may choose only one. The purpose of the listing is to connect you with a potential customer/supporter.  While the listings could replace a website, they do to need to replace the website. To maximize the Listing, you need to provide enough information for the Concordia Market users to find you through the search bar.

As with everything on Concordia Market, the listings are free.  We do not charge for any of our technologies.  The financial transactions that occur through the Market or our donation platform utilize Stripe payments.  Stripe payments will assess each transaction with a transaction fee and a percentage of the amount collected.  Concordia Market does not receive any of the funds.


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ÔĽŅ Organizational Listing Shop Listing Engage Listings
DescriptionThe organizational listing includes a brief introduction to your ministry. It typically includes a contact form, a donation link, and a website link.The shop listing provides potential customers with the information they need to choose to purchase or use your organization’s products.The engage listings are project specific pages that are designed to recruit volunteers of financial supporters.
Target AudienceDonors and Potential PartnersCustomers or Users of your products and services.People looking to get involved in mission activity and people looking to contribute to specific mission projects.
Desired OutcomeAn expanded donor base and strategic partnerships to expand the ministry’s circle of influence.More customers using your products.Our users would have more opportunities to get involved in mission activity and our partners would have increased support for projects.
This Might be Something you Want if:You rely on donor support or you are open to forming collaborative partnerships with other organizations.You want to distribute resources or sell products on Concordia Market.You are looking for volunteers or need funding for specific projects.

Our Listings use professionally produced templates

The Listings are designed to be as engaging as they are informative.  We offer a variety of ways for you to engage with your customers/supporters including customized forms, downloadable, and connections to our social site, the Square.

An Overview of the Process

  • 1

    Complete The Application

    We have two different template systems. The Rapid Launch templates have much of the content included in the template. The rapid launch pages provide a quick and effective webpage. We also have the Full Customized pages which are designed for organizations that might use the listing for their website.

  • 2

    Upload The Content

    Once the application has been approved, those using the Rapid Launch templates will complete an online form to provide the content for their pages. Those using the Full Customization process will receive detailed information about their next steps.

  • 3

    Finalize The Design

    Before the page goes live, you will be provided an opportunity to see the page and offer corrections and suggestion for improvement.

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