Opening a Shop on Concordia Market

5 Reasons Why

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    It is a great service to God's church.

    When you open a shop on Concordia Market, you give the larger church body access to the resources you've developed.  Your resources will add value to our user's ministry as they are used.

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    Your best customers are visiting Concordia Market

    Concordia Market was developed to connect gospel content-focused ministries with gospel-focused content creators.

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    Concordia's Market is designed to handle digital downloads and physical products.

    Concordia Market provides the tools that enable shop owners to sell digital products like music, videos, on-demand training, and e-books. Our digital download tools allow product previews and the management of access to digital files.

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    We take taxing out of sales tax.

    Did you know that some states charge non-profits sales tax on purchases while others do not?  If you are accustomed to selling locally, the maze of national sales tax can be overwhelming.  We have partnered with a tax management service that handles all the calculations for you.  If you are selling your goods or services, you don't have to worry about adding a tax accountant to your resume´; our tax management company has you covered.

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    Your Shop on Concordia Market is free

    Concordia Market is free.  We do not charge for content creators who set up a shop. We do not charge those people to shop, and we do not take a portion of any sale on Concordia Market.  We want to make it easy for content creators to connect with those who benefit from their content.

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Opening a Shop on Concordia Market
Concordia Market offers an easy and safe method to distribute or sell content. While physical products can be sold through Concordia Market, the vendor is responsible for shipping.
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Opening a Shop

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