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Our goal is to be a catalyst for your mission projects.  Concordia Market is in the development process.  We need your help in developing the engage section of Concordia Market.  Our desire is to provide a variety of opportunities for people to get engaged in mission and ministry opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Projects listing under the category of Engage include mission trips, ministry opportunities, service projects and training opportunities.  Engage items may included financial campaigns to fund projects.

Engage will contain mission trip, ministry opportunity, service and mission projects.  Engage items may included financial campaigns to fund projects.  Engage projects may include training events.

Non-profit organizations and individual representing a non-profit entity may apply to post an engage project.

An Engage project listing is not intended to replace your website.  Rather, by having your content cross-linked a listing helps boost your ministry’s digital footprint (SEO).  In addition, the more listings we have, the larger will be your ministry digital footprint.

You start by completing the initial information form below. Once we receive the request, we will contact you to discuss the details and start the design process.

Engage project postings are free.  If the project uses our system to collect funds, our system uses Stripe, which charges the normal credit card transaction fee of $.30 per transaction and 2.9% of the amount. You are not obligated to use our financial system.

Engage projects can include audio and video files which can be paired with items that are sold on the Market.  The listings may include online donation tools, forms, and a place to store and distribute files.

The project post is developed collaboratively between your ministry and Concordia Market’s team.  We start with a base template, you provide media files and content.

Everything on your listing belongs to you.  It can all be edited upon your request. Our support team will do the editing.

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Adding An Engage Listing
The Engage pages share mission and service opportunities, as well as, projects. The project organizers often are looking for people and resources. Engage pages include mission trips, training opportunities, and service projects.
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