Arise, O Christian People


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Arise, O Christian People
Author: Valentin Thilo; Translator: Arthur T. Russell
Arise, O Christian people!
Prepare yourselves today;
Prepare to greet the Savior,
who takes your sins away.
To us by grace alone
the truth and light were given;
The promised Lord from heaven
to all the world is shown.
Prepare the way before Him;
prepare for Him the best;
Cast out what would offend Him,
this great, this heav’nly guest.
Make straight, make plain the way:
the lowly valleys raising,
The heights of pride abasing, His path all even lay.
The humble heart and lowly
God raises up on high;
Beneath his feet in terror
the haughty soul shall lie.
The heart sincere and right,
that heeds God’s invitation
And makes true preparation —
it is the Lord’s delight.
Prepare my heart, Lord Jesus;
turn not from me aside,
And help me to receive you
this blessed Advent-tide.
From stall and manger low
come now to dwell within me;
I’ll sing your praises gladly
And forth your glory show.

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