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Kingdom Quest—Our version of Sunday school.
Experiential learning in a Small Group/Large Group Rotation Model
Preschool Ages: Large Group/Small Group/Large Group. Children begin together with a group presentation of the Bible event. Then they move into small group activities of snack, game and craft. They wrap up together with a fun review teaching the puppet what they learned!
Grades 1-4: Small Group/Large Group/Small Group. Children begin a learning-readiness activity in their small group, then come together for a creative presentation of the Bible event. They return to small group to investigate the Bible and make their application using a learning activity.
Grades 5 & 6 Small Group/Large Group/Small group. This is similar to Grades 1-4, but lessons are grouped by topics rather than Biblical sequence. Note: "Large Group” in all these settings refers more to the style of teaching rather than only the size of the group.

Why is it so inexpensive?

Kingdom Quest only costs one dollar a lesson! That includes all the online resources for teachers, students, and administrators. Plus, there are additional training and free implementation helps! When you buy an age group, the curriculum is a designed so that a child will never repeat the same lesson in that age group. The church can use all those lessons again after those children graduate from that age group. In other words, it’s ten years of curriculum that can be used again and again, always providing new learning experiences for every child! Each year even is packaged with 58 lessons, so you have extra lessons to customize your selection.
But why is it so inexpensive? We have sold it and already paid for the production costs. Now we would like to make it a gift to the church with a nominal cost. We only need cover a few distribution costs. We pass these savings along to your children’s ministries so you can purchase the creative learning supplies that make these lessons so engaging!
CAUTION! This is not ordinary curriculum! It’s not like a traditional model where the primary expense is a paper handout sheet. This is a new way of thinking about curriculum and a new way of investing in the learning experience. Since you have such active lessons with many hands-on activities, you will now have considerable expense gathering supplies and investing in creativity. There are plenty of implementation supports that help you make the transition. Just be sure to use them!

Get Ready for the Change!

This experience will be highly RELATIONAL. It shifts from Sunday school teachers who try to deliver the entire lesson in classroom teaching style to small group leaders who help kids discover the truth of God’s word.
Kingdom Quest uses CREATIVE presentation techniques. When all the kids from the ages grouped together come to watch the Bible event, it might be a story tell presentation, interactive drama, or even video clip. Even puppets help set up the lesson in certain age groups.
Keep what’s important! This is JESUS-CENTERED. All lessons point to the main theme of the Bible: God’s rescue for us through His Son Jesus. The broad biblical scope gives you a balanced 10 year scope and sequence.

What else? It speaks the language of kids: FUN! Why shouldn’t learning be highly participatory and fun…especially at church?

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Address: 11615 “I” Street Suite 3, Omaha, 68137, Nebraska, United States (US)

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