Release Date

June 2024

Radically Ordinary Hospitality


For those who see the Christian Faith as little more than a sociological phenomenon, the outlook seems bleak for Christianity.  More people are leaving the Christian Church in North America than ever before.  More and more young people are concerned about the influence of Christianity on politics and society.

We could respond to the hostility by hiding our heads in the sand or preparing a well-researched response to attack those who dared to challenge our faith.  Unfortunately, though popular, neither response is consistent with Christ.

He faced even greater impossible odds.  He was attacked by Rome and the Jewish religious leaders.  The non-religious people distrusted him.  Jesus didn't run away.  He didn't attack the unbelievers. Rather, He lived among the people. He shared their joys and their sorrows. He listened to their hurts and cared for their needs.  He built bridges and formed communities so that when the time was right, and the gospel was shared, people knew that for the first time they did not have to face their sin alone.

Radically Ordinary Hospitality is a free training resource designed to support the development of a community outreach program through radical hospitality.

Topic Outline

Session Topic
1 3D Faith Sharing
2 Radically Ordinary Hospitality: The Journey Begins
3 Overcoming the Barriers to Radically Ordinary Hospitality
4 Developing a Neighboring Rhythm
5 Challenging Conversations: Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing
6 Addressing Hard Questions, LGBTQ+, Modernist Thought, and Faulty Truth claims by Cultural Christians