Bruce Almighty Sermon and Bible Study Bundle


If you are interested in using the Bruce Almighty Sermon Series along with the PowerPoints and Bible Study materials, this bundle provides all of the resources for less than purchasing each venue individually.

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8-week Sermon series with PowerPoints, Bible Study and Small Group study using the 2003 movie, Bruce Almighty.

Throughout history, people have criticized God and accused Him of doing a lousy job of running the universe.  The film, “Bruce Almighty” explores an intriguing idea: what if God decided to give one of the complainers His powers for a time to see if he could do a better job?  The Bible study, small group study and sermons are organized around “Questions We Ask God”.  The questions coming from the movie – usually from Bruce.

  • “God, Why Do You Hate Me?”
  • “Why Don’t You Answer?”
  • “Who Are you?”
  • “Can I Ask Why?”
  • (God asks:) “How Many People Have You Helped?”
  • “How Do You Make Someone Love You Without Affecting Free Will?”
  • “Are You Here?”
  • “What Do You Want Me to Do?”

There is a surprising amount of deep theology in this movie that gives you the opportunity to do apologetics in an entertaining, but thorough fashion.

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