Mission Organizations

This category contains a diverse group organizations focused on increasing mission activity.  The group includes organizations that support national and international mission actives like short or long term missions, language training, human care ministries, cross-cultural exposure events. Most of the Mission organizations are non-profit, a few are not.  Mission organizations can provide much of the training, accountability, resources, and on-field guidance for missionaries to be effective in various areas of ministry. Every mission organization is going to look different in how they interact with the missionary. Below is a list of all the mission organizations with information on Concordia Market.  While a cursory review of the organizations' histories and online material has been completed, you are encouraged to complete due diligence before committing to any one organization.  Concordia Market invites user reviews of each organization.  The user reviews should not be the only evaluation criteria used for your decision making, but it can be a helpful insight into the organizations past performance.