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Welcome To Concordia Market

Concordia Market has been developed to strengthen our mission work by encouraging networking, collaboration, and community.  Concordia Market has been designed around the old Medieval market squares which provided a place for people to gather for conversation, collaboration, and commerce.  The strength of the town’s market square was in its diversity and its casual, multi-leveled networking.
To promote community and collaboration we have five primary features:

The Market

The Market is a collection of online shop where individuals can offer their products and/or services for sale.  The primary focus of the Market is content to strengthen our faith, our ministry’s health and mission focus. There is no charge to list products on the Market.

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The Listings

The Listings are web pages providing an introduction to ministries and individuals that can assist you in faith development, ministry health and mission focus. The Listings are divided into three categories, Organizations, Coaches, and Consultants.

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The Square

The Square is our social site.  With a Facebook like interface, the Square encourages discussion and informal sharing.  As with other social site, users are able to set-up groups, both public and private for collaboration.

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The Engage pages share mission and service  opportunities, as well as, projects. The project organizers often are looking for people and resources. Engage pages include mission trips, training opportunities, and service projects.

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The Postings

The Postings is an online classified section of Concordia Market.  It is designed for person to person sharing.  The postings will include classified adds for products and job postings.  As with everything on Concordia Market, the Postings is free to use.

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