Adding a Listing to Concordia Market

Concordia Market helps you tell the world about your organization or your services.  Currently our listings are divided into three categories; Coaches, Consultants, and Organizations.  As we add listings, we will likely add categories.  The purpose of the listing is to connect you with a potential customer/supporter.  While the listings could replace a website, they do to need to replace the website.

To maximize the Listing, you need to provide enough information for the Concordia Market users to find you through the search bar.

Your content + Our Designers = More Connections

Our listings are based on professionally developed web designs.

The Listings are designed to be as engaging as they are informative.  We offer a variety of ways for you to engage with your customers/supporters including customized forms, downloadable, and connections to our social site, the Square.

Peek Into Our Designs

Coaching Listings

Coaching process
Background and Training
Contact Form
Downloadable Resources
Client Testimonials
Organizational Listing

Features and Benefits
Areas of Specialization
FAQ Listing
Contact Form
Video Content

Consultation process
Past Projects
Downloadable Resources
Client Testimonials Contact Form
FAQ Listing
Video Content
Seamless process

How It Works

01 Browse The Design Catalog

We have developed a design catalog with inspiration templates. Browse the catalog in the next section of this page, and select the design that works for you.

02 Complete the Application

We have two different template systems. The Rapid Launch templates have much of the content included in the template. The rapid launch pages provide a quick and effective webpage. We also have the Full Customized pages which are designed for organizations that might use the listing for their website.

03 Upload the Content

Once the application has been approved, those using the Rapid Launch templates will complete an online form to provide the content for their pages. Those using the Full Customization process will receive detailed information about their next steps.

04 Finalize the Design

Before the page goes live, you will be provided an opportunity to see the page and offer corrections and suggestion for improvement.

Quick Launch Templates

The templates below are listed by Category.  Click to view the live sample page.  Any page can be used for any category.




Fully Customized Templates

The templates below provide an overview of design style and available features.  The content is customized through the build process.  Templates H and I provide the most robust feature options. Click to view the live sample page.  Any page can be used for any category.

Ready to Get Listed?

Please fill out the form, so we can begin the process of developing your listing.

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